Real Housewives of New Jersey: “We’re not the Sopranos!”


Uh, No Kidding.


Caroline (the Susan Boyle of the Real Housewives series) was all, “We’re not the Sopranos!” Strangely, that was Caroline’s response after the reporter introduced himself.

First off, give props to Caroline. Looking at her you can tell she has determination. Not content with her God given role as the girl “holding her friend’s purses” at the club, Caroline must have CLAWED her way to the three car garage leaving mounds of condoms in which she had poked holes in her wake. So, there you go Caroline. No one can take that away from you.

Caroline then went on to say, “Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense…We’re Italian and geographically we happen to be where the Sopranos were set…But to put us in the same bed as that? Stop it.”

No, you stop it Caroline. Stop pretending that you could even feasibly be surprised/offended by a Soprano’s reference or that you aren’t LOVING the comparison. She will be dropping S bombs in every interview from now until eternity.

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