Silly White Girls Smuggle Coke



Have you seen Locked Up Abroad? I mean, have you SEEN it? I think its been around for awhile but now its on Hulu. Don’t get me started on the (few) pros and (many, many, oh so many) cons of Hulu, but that’s where I first saw this show.

Its about white people (mostly) who get locked up in foreign jails. Sometimes they are innocent and have been taken hostage (which is ok) but SOMETIMES they are spoiled 19 year old silly, stupid girls who get tricked into being drug mules for a free “vacation” to Peru and $5000. Peru! In the middle of the winter!

Favorite Moments:
1) The rennactments are solid. Also, I find it funny that they cast much more attractive actresses to play the girls.
2) When the girls, being questioned by the police, insist they don’t know who put 20 lbs of coke in their bags and swear they were in Peru to go to machu picchu.
3) The girls getting misty at the memory of their tour guide who was apparently the only English speaking Peruvian they met. She wanted to take them dancing! But the drug dudes wouldn’t let them.

Of course, you feel bad for these girls. Until you realize that they voluntarily took such a stupid risk. Mandatory minimums!

Still, great show.

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