Best Pair Series #1 – Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler


Since this is a blog about (in the loosest sense) friendship, let’s take a look at some noteable pairs out there! And then see who’s better. Them or BOF.

Let’s start with the best male/female partnership around…

Det. Olivia Benson and Det. Elliot Stabler from Law and Order: Sexy Time Crimes. They’ve been together 10 years and they still have each other’s backs.

Through good times…

Tense times…

Stinky times…

Unbe-weave-able times…

HOW THEY COMPARE TO BOF: Oof, this is a tough one because of the similarities. In both cases, the men are rocking receding hairlines and the women have pointed guns at them. In their favor, they have nearly 8 years on partnership over us. Still, Benson and Stabler walk the sexual tension line a little too closely sometimes (which, once crossed, would turn them instantly into Moonlighting) and I’ve never replaced Mamrie for a few months because she got pregnant, so BOF wins!

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