I now pronounce you Fran and Wife.


I have to admit I was surprised to go on Yahoo News today and find that Fran Drescher was the number two trending topic. You know, the nasal voice, midriff baring firecracker from Queens?  Seems that she has come forward with an exclusive interview to In Touch to say that her ex-husband was actually gay. Long a supporter of gay rights, she did not know until they divorced. Is anyone surprised? I mean look at him!

The man was a Broadway producer who was obsessed with his hair. He never once fell for CeCe’s womanly ways and, while I admit she beefed up for a few seasons, the lady had a great rack. He was even pulling away from Fran on their wedding day….

Hmm? What’s that? What do you mean that Fran and Mr. Sheffield weren’t actually a couple? I thought it was like Lucy and Ricky.

Thank you for clearing that up. And by “clearing that up” I mean ripping my heart out.

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