MTV Movie Awards: Bruno and Eminem, Staged?



Of course, it had to be. But to what degree? How must that conversation have gone? “We’d like Sascha Baron Cohen to put his ass in your face,” and Eminem is like, “Awesome. That’ll be so funny.” He’s come a long way. Good for you Marshall Mathers. I guess Elton John is a good influence.

I wonder if Eminem will say he was in on it or pretend he wasn’t. Oh, who cares. Remember when the movie awards and the VMAs were actually cool instead of manufactured cool. Or maybe my ever thinking they weren’t totally fake was just a side effect of being a teenager. Oh youth.

One Response to “MTV Movie Awards: Bruno and Eminem, Staged?”

  1. Petite Culotte Says:

    hmm.. nice..

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