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Mad Men, “Souvenir” – Best and Worst (Season 3, Episode 8)

October 5, 2009

Oh Mad Men. Lots of Pete and Betty. Not a lot of the office. I prefer the office stuff but let’s plough ahead….

BEST (all Betty. And I hate Betty!)

Best of the Best: Betty’s Italian makeover. She looked ridiculous and beautiful. Right?

BEST: Betty’s “I love adultery” speech. “You’ll have plenty of first kisses. As a matter of fact, just the other day I had a first…I mean. Apologize to Bobby!” Which brings me to…

BEST: The kiss! I thought he was going to grab her and kiss her outside the car and when he didn’t I though it wouldn’t happen. But then it did. (Although, why didn’t Francine and Betty carpool? Is that the 60s or a hole in the writing?

Worst of the worst: Poor Joan! Let’s all pretend this never happened. (I should stop watching the “Last time on Mad Men…” at the beginning of the episodes because it made it obvious Joan was going to be working there.) Oh Joan. How is she going to get back to the office? Psychiatry! Dr. Greg the rapist is going into psychiatry! Kill him already.

Worst: Sally getting ignored at the mirror. Betty doesn’t even glance at her. And Sally still worships her and pretends to be her in the bathtub. “Close the window, it’s mussing up my hair…” But Sally’s a lesbo, right? Right? A future hippie lesbo.

Worst: Drunk Pete. Drunk Pete going back to the German au pair. The German au pair who was trying to throw a fancy dress down the garbage chute. She had bigger things to worry about. Like her accent. And why her blond boss’ kids are red heads.

Worst: No Peggy! The eff? She still banging Duck? That maid’s been outside forever! I want lots of Peggy and Joan and Peggy/Don scenes.