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Take 5: In defense of Kiefer’s head butt

May 12, 2009

1) Haven’t we all been (drunkenly) partiying and things suddenly get out of control? I once almost kicked Janelle Haggendorf in the head attempting a dance move while tipsy.

2) With all of Keifer’s other antics (the Christmas tree dive? the karate? passed out with his pants down in an Arby’s or something?) this head butt is nothing!

3) Brooke Shields is defending him! Good enough for me. (fyi – in articles describing this Shields is referred to at “former Lipstick Jungle star”. Ouch.)

4) Jack McCollough is probably a d bag. There I said!

5) 24 is good again so cut the guy some slack.

It could have been worse!