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Big Brother 12 (!) New Rankings

August 18, 2010

Updated Rankings! I’ll say this about ‘Big Brother’. It makes you FEEL things about these people. Most of them bad. Here is who is least to most annoyingly awful. NOTE: Only current house guests. Although, I kind of liked Rachel by the end and hated Kristin.

8. Lane – I like this guy. When he’s not being a little petty, he’s pretty funny. He’s in on the I’m-a-hick joke, right? Lane’s ok in my book.

7. Enzo – Oh, God. I know, I’m sorry. But he’s not really that bad.

6. Brendon – He has weird, black, soul-less eyes. “This is for you Rachel!”

5. Britney – Really, she’s kind of funny. But she can be too mean. And too two faced. Everyone is two faced but she brings it to another level.

4. Hayden – Stop shouting!

3. Kathy – Kathy doesn’t even realize Kathy is still in the house.

2. Matt – Something is off about him. Not the lying about his wife’s illness or the constant referring to himself as a genius, but something else. He’s icky.

1. Ragan – He’s the worst. So dramatic and spoiled and rude. You can get whiplash watching people go from underdog depressed to cocky frontrunner to devastated nominee.

Why do I care!?!? Come back Janelle!

Blackberry Barber Shop Commericial

August 18, 2010

This commercial drives me crazy. A phone has revolutionized how you cut hair because you want to one up all your barber shop friends across the country? Come on! Fail.