Big Brother 12 (!) Contestants RANKING


I still like Big Brother. I know, It’s the worst. The only thing worse than watching the show are the actual people on the show. After 3 weeks, here’s who’s left (in order from least to most horrific.)

11. Kristin – I guess? I like that she doesn’t ever speak. Ever. But she doesn’t seem like a terrible person. I suppose never (ever!) speaking will do that for you. Points taken away for hooking up with Hayden. Points added for keeping it a secret.

10. Andrew – Mazel Tov! He’s annoying but has become less annoying. There’s always one contestant like that a year (Remy! Sheila!). I think he’ll stick around for a while (although he’s on the block this week).

9. Lane – “I wanted to punch him in the face, in a good way.” And he likes to role play with animals. Oh, Lane.

8. Rachel – I can’t decide if I like her or hate her. She yells in the diary room but she reminds me of Janelle (oh Janelle!)

7. Britney – She’s actually kind of funny, no?

6. Raygan – He’s ok, I guess. But did you notice how much he was complimenting himself after the HoH competition and saying things like, “You’re a hero for staying on so long,” and “This is for everyone who bullied me in high school.” the eff?

5. Brenden – He’s getting on my nerves. So whiny. AND Brenden, by the way, there are not 2 sides to the house. There is everyone and then there’s you and Rachel. I like underdogs but not egotistical underdogs.

4. Matt – I liked him until he got HoH. And stop saying you are a genius. He’s a weird little mole of person. Amiright?

3. Kathy – I believe she’s actually still stuck in the caramel.

2. Hayden – STOP SHOUTING IN THE DIARY ROOM. Every year there’s one of those too. (Dan. Yvette.) Are the producers telling them to speak up. They have to be right? I want to be a fly on the wall of that diary room for one day.

1. Enzo – There’s glimmers that he is not just one huge, terrible, stereotype that was only put on to be very Jersey (well, ‘Jersey Shore’ Jersey at least.) But only glimmers.

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