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Big Brother 12 (!) Contestants RANKING

July 27, 2010

I still like Big Brother. I know, It’s the worst. The only thing worse than watching the show are the actual people on the show. After 3 weeks, here’s who’s left (in order from least to most horrific.)

11. Kristin – I guess? I like that she doesn’t ever speak. Ever. But she doesn’t seem like a terrible person. I suppose never (ever!) speaking will do that for you. Points taken away for hooking up with Hayden. Points added for keeping it a secret.

10. Andrew – Mazel Tov! He’s annoying but has become less annoying. There’s always one contestant like that a year (Remy! Sheila!). I think he’ll stick around for a while (although he’s on the block this week).

9. Lane – “I wanted to punch him in the face, in a good way.” And he likes to role play with animals. Oh, Lane.

8. Rachel – I can’t decide if I like her or hate her. She yells in the diary room but she reminds me of Janelle (oh Janelle!)

7. Britney – She’s actually kind of funny, no?

6. Raygan – He’s ok, I guess. But did you notice how much he was complimenting himself after the HoH competition and saying things like, “You’re a hero for staying on so long,” and “This is for everyone who bullied me in high school.” the eff?

5. Brenden – He’s getting on my nerves. So whiny. AND Brenden, by the way, there are not 2 sides to the house. There is everyone and then there’s you and Rachel. I like underdogs but not egotistical underdogs.

4. Matt – I liked him until he got HoH. And stop saying you are a genius. He’s a weird little mole of person. Amiright?

3. Kathy – I believe she’s actually still stuck in the caramel.

2. Hayden – STOP SHOUTING IN THE DIARY ROOM. Every year there’s one of those too. (Dan. Yvette.) Are the producers telling them to speak up. They have to be right? I want to be a fly on the wall of that diary room for one day.

1. Enzo – There’s glimmers that he is not just one huge, terrible, stereotype that was only put on to be very Jersey (well, ‘Jersey Shore’ Jersey at least.) But only glimmers.

Summer With Bravo commercials

July 27, 2010

These. Are. The. Worst.

And then I killed myself.

Big Brother 12 – Saboteur. Oh, goodness. Here we go again.

July 12, 2010

Big Brother is back and better the same as ever. Some thoughts.

1) Kathy is the saboteur right? Or are they just editing it to make it look like it’s her? That whole thing with the food competition was really damning for her. Also, I love how she the “old” one on the show at 40. 40!

2) There are not black people. Monet is the lighted skinned black person since Lisa Bonet. Bonet/Monet? Is this another twist, BB?

3) Andrew is weird. God bless him. I don’t think he’s the Saboteur, just a really weird guy.

4) Who cringed when one of those guys (I think it was the Mensa one!) made an alliance and said something like, “This is the strongest alliance in the history of Big Brother.” Famous last words.

5) Speaking of the alliance, Enzo needs to go. I get it. Jersey is popular so they wanted an Italian from Jersey. Come on. And Enzo, naming one person “The Beast” and another “The Animal” is pretty much the same thing.