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True Beauty. Shoot me. (But don’t stab me Vanessa Minnillo)

June 22, 2010

First off, I know it’s my bad for even watching this show. (I don’t really! It’s just that sometimes its on Hulu and I have time to kill. I need to rethink my priorities if I can a) find time to watch this, b) get worked up enough to write a post about it.) This show is horrible. And so inconsequential I can’t even find a picture to post here of the 2nd season.

But I digress. The concept is get 10 “attractive” people under the guise of some fake competition (“Face of Vegas” is this year’s) and then judge them on inner beauty. What a crock of sh*t. Besides the challenges being so dumb and the justifications for getting rid of people being arbitrary, I think I have the biggest problem with the hosts/”judges”: Vanessa Minnillo, Carson Kressley, and Beth Stern. As if they are some huge arbiters of inner beauty.

there is no hope for the future

Really, Vanessa? Also, stop saying, “I’ve set up a surprise for them.” You had nothing to do with it. Come on, Stabatha!

And Beth Stern wouldn’t last a second as a contestant. “In my 25 years as a model…”

This show gets me heated!

Oh, and the producers are Ashton Kutcher and Tyra Banks. So, suddenly everything makes sense.

I like that Tom Bergeron.

June 21, 2010

He’s made a career of being your goofy uncle. And, he’s not unfunny at all. Good you for him!

New Fall TV Shows – What’s in a Name?: “Lonestar”

June 7, 2010

For the next little bit, I will be going over the names of some of this fall’s new crop of TV shows and, based solely on the title say what the show sounds like it SHOULD be about. Today – “Lonestar”, a new FOX drama??

What it SHOULD be about: Set in TX, the series is about a mid-20s young man who, after he catches his wife cheating on him with his best friend, decides to pursue his dreams of being an actor. He rebuilds his life in town while trying to become a star. A lone star.

What it is actually about: Follows a charismatic and brilliant schemer who has entangled himself in a deep, complex web from which he can’t break free. (from Pop Tower)

I now pronounce you Fran and Wife.

June 4, 2010

I have to admit I was surprised to go on Yahoo News today and find that Fran Drescher was the number two trending topic. You know, the nasal voice, midriff baring firecracker from Queens?  Seems that she has come forward with an exclusive interview to In Touch to say that her ex-husband was actually gay. Long a supporter of gay rights, she did not know until they divorced. Is anyone surprised? I mean look at him!

The man was a Broadway producer who was obsessed with his hair. He never once fell for CeCe’s womanly ways and, while I admit she beefed up for a few seasons, the lady had a great rack. He was even pulling away from Fran on their wedding day….

Hmm? What’s that? What do you mean that Fran and Mr. Sheffield weren’t actually a couple? I thought it was like Lucy and Ricky.

Thank you for clearing that up. And by “clearing that up” I mean ripping my heart out.

R.I.P. Rue McClanahan

June 3, 2010

Without a doubt, the most over looked and underestimated Golden Girl, Rue McClanahan was really awesome. She was f*cking funny.

New Fall TV Shows – What’s in a Name?: “Mr. Sunshine”

June 2, 2010

For the next little bit we will be going over the names of some of this fall’s new crop of TV shows and, based solely on the title say what the show sounds like it SHOULD be about. First up, the Matthew Perry/Allison Janney comedy (?), Mr. Sunshine.

What it sounds like it should be about: Small town set sitcom about a lonely old coot who inspires fear in the local children until he befriends a precocious little girl and she decides to give him an image makeover. Starring Ed Asner.

What it is actually about (from the EW website): Matthew Perry stars as the owner of a sports arena; Allison Janney plays his boss.

Law and Order: SVU & Mariska Hargitay

June 2, 2010

I can watch this show anytime. It’s the “Shawshank Redemption” of TV shows. Over the weekend there was the L&O:SVU Star-Spangled-a-thon on USA. (The idea of which was showing episodes that featured guest stars. Not to be splitting hairs but isn’t that literally every single episode?) It was a a blast. A little too many commercials for Royal Pains though.

Of course, the MVP of SVU is Mariska. I love that b*tch.