Survivor Heroes vs. Villains FINALE!


It’s been a pretty good season this year. If only Cirie had lasted longer (sigh) but at least Amanda got the boot (finally!). Who will win?

Colby – How must he be feeling? Everyone, everyone, EVERYONE has been saying how much he’s underperformed this season. This last challenge when he was out in 1 second. Oh, that was wonderful. Will he defend himself at the reunion show tonight or not? What a doof! Remember when Danielle and Amanda were fighting over the hidden immunity clue and Colby literally said, “I don’t know who’s it is. I’m just watching Treasure Island.”
PREDICTION: First voted out tonight.

Russell – He’s the worst. And we’ve been stuck with him for 2 seasons in every episode. He’ll prob make it to final 3 (and not win again) but wouldn’t it be cool if he was voted out before that and was in the jury?
PREDICTION: Third place

Jerri – You know what, Jerri? You already won. You redeemed yourself (kind of, I guess) from your old reputation. I hope you don’t get booed at the reunion tonight. You are forgiven. Please no cougar jokes.
PREDICTION: Fourth place? But I wouldn’t be shocked if she won it all.

Sandra – I forgot how much I liked her. (Remember, “I swear on my kids lives that I’m gonna screw you AND Burton!” or something like that?) Why weren’t Sandra and Rupert more buddy-buddy this year? That was never really addressed. Sandra is tops in my book. I want her to win. More so, I want to hear her at the final Tribal Council. Bonus for “I am against you Russell.”
PREDICTION: Second place. You go Sandra!

Parvati – Oh my my my my my. I love me some Parv. Best moment in the past 10 seasons of Survivor? Parvati making fun of the note that J.T. gave to Russell. Oh man. That was awesome. Also, she wins challenges and is wily and did a very good job hawking the Sprint phone last episode (“it has, like, a million features”). And that smile!

Five final thoughts:
1) Going in I thought they would never let a former winner repeat. But it doesn’t seem like that will be a factor. Nor should it! But it was barely even addressed. I would think Parv and Sandra would want to take each other to the final because they are BOTH former winners. But never discussed.
2) They all did some good moves though. Moves that, had it gone the other way, would have made them look dumb. Russell giving the immunity idol to Parv, Parv giving away 2 idols, Sandra hiding hers till the end.
3) So many damn hidden immunity idols! Damn Gina!
4) I am a dork for being this into the show, right?
5) I STILL miss Colleen Haskell. Come back to me Colleen!

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