LOST: Across the Sea


Is it horrible that I didn’t LOVE the episode? Although I do love me some Allison Janney.

I was hoping that Adam & Eve would turn out to be Rose and Bernard. No? Am I alone?

And how does Smokey turn back into a human form? Hmm. Whatever. Really, you should watch The Good Wife on CBS. That show rocks too. Tuesday’s a good night for TV what with LOST, Biggest Loser, Good Wife, Parenthood, etc.

One Response to “LOST: Across the Sea”

  1. Nick Says:

    I didn’t love it either. And that’s bad… because the show is trying to get me to buy into the idea that this whole Jacob/Jacob’s twin dilly is the over-arching umbrella that everything hereto has fallen under. Whatever. I’m “pot committed” at this point. I am completely at the writers’ mercy and hoping that they soft-land this show to a decent level of satisfaction.

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