Scream 4: SQUEE! and Rose McGowan


Pardon me for a second. Squeeeeeee!

They are making “Scream 4.” I f*cking loved the “Scream” movies. Remember when Jamie Kennedy was really funny (before he got annoying)? And when Matthew Lillard was funny (before he got annoying)? But the best was Rose McGowan. Oh, my my my my my.

Man I loved Tatum.

2 Responses to “Scream 4: SQUEE! and Rose McGowan”

  1. Wells Says:

    Isn’t every character on that poster dead?

  2. stevesoroka Says:

    Gee, SPOILER ALERT Phil.

    No the middle 3 are still alive but each had some close calls. And, can any character who’s image is captured on film really ever be dead? I think they live forever!

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