Jeff Bridges: Congrats and “Come on!”


Congrats on your Oscar Jeff! I didn’t see the movie but I’m sure you were great. In an interview after his win Jeff Bridges was talking (glowing!) about his parents (who were actors) and how they encouraged him to get into acting.

“Unlike a lot of Hollywood actors, my dad really loved acting and wanted to turn his kids on to it.”

Great. Wonderful. And yet…The article continues to say this of young Jeff Bridges’ father, Lloyd:

And whenever a role on Sea Hunt called for a small fry, Lloyd would bribe young Jeff, telling him he’d be able to miss school and buy toys and candy with the money he’d earn.

Come on! Now, okay, in this case (the case of Jeff Bridges and the finally! Oscar) that statement is cute and “oh, it was destined!” Imagine someone other than a ultra famous actor saying that. Like someone at Promises drug rehab who’s career never really took off. Or some washed up actor who is doing any reality show to stay in the public eye. Saying their parents pretty much forced them to become actors and didn’t encourage them to save the money they made. (“We bought candy! Candy for everyone! Until the candy ran out.”) Everyone would say, “Bad parents!” in a Greek chorus until noon and then get a sensible lunch.

I’m just saying. But, congrats Jeff Bridges.

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