Biggest Loser: Blue vs. Black and putting yourself first


Biggest Loser (finally) returned after the Olympics and so many odd things happened. Let’s dive in.

1) The temptation challenge. I guess NBC didn’t get the rights to any of the temptation foods because everything had a weird name. Hershey kisses were called “chocolate treats”. Rice Krispy Treats were “a crispy treat.” Reeses Peanut Butter Cup? Nope, they had “Chocolate and Peanut Butter Treat.” Come on.

2) Michael. He wanted to play the game. Fine. He split up the teams. Fine.

But his logic was, “I’m finally putting myself first.” He kept saying that! Now, maybe I am being weight-ist, but I don’t think you can reach 500 lbs without putting yourself first. Right? Also, I never like when someone tries to hide their real reasons for doing something behind a life lesson or, in Michael’s case, just utter bullsh*t. If I were on the blue team I would have thrown the weigh in and booted Michael. Yeah, I said it!

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