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Miles – LOST/Murphy Brown/Golden Girls

February 25, 2010

I just wrote about Miles on LOST and that made me think of other characters named Miles. Who’s the best?

1) Miles – LOST – Can speak to dead people and he’s funny and he’s still around.

2) Miles – Murphy Brown – Stressed out, married Corky. Disappeared?

3) Miles – Golden Girls – Frugal, dated Rose, then married somone else on the spinoff? When did they break up?

Clearly Miles from LOST right? Miles from Murphy Brown was a spaz and Miles from Golden Girls wasn’t even really named Miles – he was mob accountant Nicholas Carbone (and then briefly Jacob Plankmaker).

Lost – Miles to go

February 25, 2010

Yo! Okay, so LOST: THE FINAL SEASON (did they officially change the name of the show and I missed it?) is underway. We’re 5 hours in. I have a few thoughts.

1) Me like Rose! (And Bernard is fine or whatever.) So I was glad we got some of her this season. Twice! Wa-hoo! Although let’s see her on that island and not just in LA dying of cancer and telling John Lock to man up.

2) I could use some more Miles.

I like Miles. I like him more than most of the rest of them (Hurley, I am talking about you especially.) I hope he gets more to do than say one funny thing and just hang around the temple with no interest in what any of his friends are doing. But but but, shouldn’t he have been shot when they got to the temple in the first place? Why would he have been on the list inside the thing inside the guitar case? He was never touched by Jacob (that we know of) and he wasn’t on the original Oceanic flight. He must factor into something big coming up or else they would have gotten rid of him but it does kind of seem like his character fulfilled his purpose already last season. But I still love ya Miles!

3) Ever notice how sometimes the island is this big sprawling place where people (Rose/Bernard, Rousseau, Claire, etc) can live all alone not bothered by anyone for YEARS and other times it’s like the hallways of a very small high school (“Oh hey Kate! Filling up your water bottle and looking for Claire? Nice seeing you! Me and Jack are off to the Lighthouse. See you after 5th period.”) I know its a TV show (and a MAGICAL PLACE) so I guess that’s ok.

Jennifer Leather is the devil. Jennifer Garner IN leather gets a pass. Barely!

February 10, 2010

Jennifer Leather is terrible. Never order from them. And if you have to, stay away from the Totowa outlet and Dolores the manager. Terrible! She accused me of being rude and I accused her of being incompetent. We were both right!

As I write this I am on hold with the Service Center. For 24 minutes and counting! Gargh!

Now, here’s Jennifer Garner in leather (I would assume from the movie Elektra but who knows…)