Survivor: Coach vs. Russell


I like Survivor. I do. I can’t help it. Lately though, it seems like every season they have 1 player instead of 16 or 20 or whatever. Meaning, the entire focus (or at least a big chunk of it) is on one person. I think that the producers know the show is getting old (20 seasons!) so they like to have one person for America to root for or hate. (Or “love to hate.” I hate that expression. Or maybe I love to hate that expression.) This year it’s Russell who all the ads were calling “the biggest villain in Survivor history!!!.”

Last year it was Coach who, at the reunion show, Jeff Probst called, “The biggest villain in survivor history!!!!”

Come on. Although, I bet Coach is really pissed. Because the difference is they treated Coach like, “Oh, what a pompous buffoon! Don’t you just hate him America?”, while with Russell it’s, “He’s so smart and devious! Don’t you just hate him America?”

Here’s a look at some other Survivor players of the season from the past couple of years:



And my FAVORITE from the last few years:

Although, again, I still miss you Colleen Haskell

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  1. butthead Says:

    Your a stupid idiot.

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