PEOPLE names Johnny Depp Sexiest Man ALIVE!


AM New York (free newspaper, woot woot) had an article about it which started like this: “He’s one pirate we wouldn’t mind walking the plank for.”

What does that mean exactly? Obviously, she meant it like “Wowza! That Johnny Depp, you know the one who starred in those pirate movies, is real sexy.” But still…

Here’s the wikipedia (free online encyclopedia, woot woot) definition of “walking the plank”

Walking the plank was a form of murder or torture thought to have been practiced by pirates, mutineers and other rogue seafarers. The victim was forced to walk off the end of a wooden plank or beam extended over the side of a ship, falling into the water to drown, sometimes with bound hands or weighed down, often into the vicinity of sharks (which would often follow ships).

Johnny Depp is that sexy? “He’s one pirate we wouldn’t mind being tortured and murdered by.”

Come on!

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