Biggest Loser: Shay Conspiracy? Shay-piracy?


Shay, the biggest Biggest Loser ever, was eliminated last night. I didn’t love Shay. Anytime something good happened to her (losing 17 lbs this week, setting a new record for women contestants) she was like, “Yeah, I did this! Go me! I am the best! I have character!” but anytime something not great happened (losing a challenge, hard gym workouts) she would blame others. “How can you do this to me? I am here for my life!?” So is everyone else Shay. Leave Rudy alone.

Anyway, arguably the best part of The Biggest Loser is the transformation at the end. And there was no transformation moment this week! As far as I can guess, that means Shay either lost a sh*t ton of weight since leaving or she gained a whole lot. Either way the show wants us to be shocked at the finale.

Whatever. Go Liz.


One Response to “Biggest Loser: Shay Conspiracy? Shay-piracy?”

  1. Wells Says:

    I’m a Rudy fan but they really made him look like a jerk last night.

    I think Shay was on Leno afterward last night so I could’ve seen her transformation there but that would’ve meant sitting through Leno. Then I’d have lost 17 pounds. Of barf.

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