Damn Gina! Johnny Depp leaves $4000!


Damn Gina!

Johnny Depp, international movie star and a bit of a creepy guy (Right? A little?) left a staggering $4000.00 tip at Chicago’s steakhouse Gibsons to, by all accounts, “delighted” waiter Mohammed A . Sekhani. No so delighted was the waiter who was smoking out back and missed his turn on rotation.

I like being snarky as much (or more so) than the next person, but there’s little to find fault with this story. Luckily I did find 2 things.

1) Mr. Depp rolled in at 11:30 pm and requested a private room for himself and some friends and the restaurant closes at midnight so that’s a little d*ck. You know the chefs and busboys etc had already cleaned the grill and were waiting to go home. I hope they got some of the 4K tip!

2) Did the waiter go running to the newspapers with this story? Did Depp’s publicist? How did we come to find this out? It’s a little suspicious.

Still, good job Johnny Depp! All eyes will be on you now as you order a coffee from Starbucks tomorrow or buy a hotdog on the street. (“Where’s my thousand?!?!”)

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