Pizza “The Hut” Hut updates for texting youth of America


Pizza Hut is changing its name to just “The Hut”. It will incorporate some healthier items like whole grain pizza and salads. Come on.

Here’s what Pizza Hut…excuse me…”The Hut” big wig Brian Niccol had to say about the switch:
“Our red box is a game changer in packaging and design. And yes, we’re also introducing another vocabulary word with Pizza Hut, which is ‘The Hut.’ That ties in nicely with [today’s] texting generation. We wanted to make sure that Pizza Hut and ‘The Hut’ become common vernacular for our brand…‘The Hut’ is the perfect icon for our mobile generation.”

I literally just want some pizza with cheese in the crust not to, you know, be part of some movement.

One Response to “Pizza “The Hut” Hut updates for texting youth of America”

  1. Paul Says:

    it’ll still be called Pizza Hut, The Hut is just secondary branding to atract all those tween texters that they covet.

    Also, i want a fucking p’zone.


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