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Samantha Who, Medium, Harper’s Island and other CANCELLED TV shows

May 22, 2009

Was this year’s TV announcements more of a blood bath than usual? (It was for ABC’s The Unusuals!)

Megan Fox keeps saying weird stuff

May 21, 2009

In fairness, I like Megan Fox. She just says weird stuff sometimes. And, what, we’re supposed to just let that go? Into the ether? Forever? I don’t think so. I don’t care how hot you are, this is America.

Also, our first guest commentator, KEITH HUANG!

Cheetara, Jem, Orco : Kill, F*ck, Marry

May 20, 2009

This week we revisit the hottest hotties from 80’s cartoons.

Cheetara, sexiest Thundercat (sorry Tigra). She can work the shaft.

Jem, truly outrageous. Too phony?

Orco, he’s funny! Funny-ish.

Thoughts: I feel like Jem would be an awful wife. And a bad role model for any children we’d have. So much make up! Although she does run with a pretty diverse crowd. I guess you could sleep with her, although she may be a little too goody two shoes. Plus, you know of these 3 you have to bone Cheetara. Because you don’t want to marry her. Cheetara, while hot, is messed up in the head. Remember how’d she was psychic and anytime she’s try to get a vision she’d spin around in circles and then faint? Try explaining that to your boss and his wife over dinner. Orco could be a nice companion in one’s latter years. Would it be gay? Was Orco a dude?

Conclusion: Marry Orco, F*ck Cheetara, Kill Jem. Is that right?

Titanic Stars have Titanic Hearts – Or do they? Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio – Heros or Cheapskates?

May 20, 2009

30K to save the last Titanic survivor. Chump change?

verbatim: Oh, Shia…

May 19, 2009

Shia LeBeouf gave a playboy interview recently. Besides talking about not being well endowed, he also spoke about working on Charlies Angels 2. Take it away, Shia…

“I remember my trailer was set up in such a way that (Diaz’s and Liu’s) trailers were visible through my window, through this little shade I had. I’d put down the blackout shade just enough to have my eye peeping through and get them in my crosses.”

Uh, huh…

“I’d be inside totally going at it. Just the thought of them changing in their trailers was enough to get me off.”

Um, Shia…

“Or I would steal Polaroids from the wardrobe people… Everybody knew. The girls knew, definitely… I’d tell them flat out, ‘I’m infatuated.’ They knew they were all my fantasy girls. Lucy Liu especially would play with me. She’d play with my mind.”


“Bernie Mac understood what I was going through, and he’d just look at me like, ‘Yeah, that’s right. You just saw that s#!t.’”

Not Bernie!

“I mean, what are you supposed to do? You’re 14, 15 years old, and you’ve got the sexiest woman in the world sitting across from you, giving you the love. It was torture…”

Thanks for stopping by, Shia. Please stop talking.

im dancing on the ceiling about the AI finale.

May 19, 2009

the only reason why i would possibly watch the American Idol finale tonight (ok, tivoe and the fast forward thru Seacrest) would be to watch this guy…


AI and LR have tons of things in common. Hell, just in one Lionel video “Hello, Is it me your Looking for?” we see two.


they both love blind people and doing silly things with clay.



Brooke Sheilds’ Mama Drama

May 19, 2009

First the Kiefer Sutherland head butt snafu, now the paparazzi pestering her mom. What’s next for the ex-Lipstick Jungle star?

Take 5: Survivor: Tocantins

May 18, 2009

Survivor: Toucan Sam ended last night. It was great! How can I still watch Survivor? Chalk my defense up to its hip to be square.

1) Stephen/J.T. – I like seeing displays of friendships. I actively look for them (which is why I thought Fight Club was a movie about friendship). Stephen got a little cloying but it was Day 39 and he was going to miss J.T. so it’s still all good. And at the reunion special, they were still all over each other. It was sweet. But, at the Final Tribal Council they were snipping and snapping at each other. Having been a Survivor Fan since the beginning, I can’t remember the final two ever talking back and forth like that in the end. It was awesome. And Stephen was deserving of at least one vote. He was a good player. But maybe he got the vote that mattered most. The vote of LOVE.

2) Taj, who is your dentist? Your teeth are WHITE. Your teeth are unusually white. Your teeth may be white supremicists.

3) Coach is an idiot. Jeff Probst was falling all over himself to talk to Coach. “The first vote is for…hey, we’ll talk to Coach in a second…J.T.” Coach was entertaining but he did not make the season, so stop saying that Jeff. And Coach, you did lie! Besides in the game, you told your job you were going to go get cancer treatment for 2 months. Whaaa?

4) You know that feeling when you are at a bar with friends, and one of your friends brings his girlfriend. And she brings one of her co-workers, or something, and you couldn’t really care less about what the co-worker has to say because you’d rather talk to your friends, and you kind of forget their name, and they keep on blathering on, and you’re like “really, that’s…great.” That’s exactly how the last 10 minutes of the Reunion show are when they talk to the back row of Survivors. Uh, Candace, you’re weird. (BUT, did you know that apparently, they all get $10,000.00 just for doing the Reunion show? Even Earl and Spencer and Jodi or what’s her name.)

5) I still miss Colleen Haskell.

Oh, Colleen. What ever happened to you?

Mad Men: Kill, F*ck, Marry

May 15, 2009

Too obvious?

Although, I think I’d marry Joan or Peggy before Betty. Wouldn’t we all?

See you in August Mad Men.

bLohan? not on steve’s (huge) watch?

May 14, 2009