Cheetara, Jem, Orco : Kill, F*ck, Marry


This week we revisit the hottest hotties from 80’s cartoons.

Cheetara, sexiest Thundercat (sorry Tigra). She can work the shaft.

Jem, truly outrageous. Too phony?

Orco, he’s funny! Funny-ish.

Thoughts: I feel like Jem would be an awful wife. And a bad role model for any children we’d have. So much make up! Although she does run with a pretty diverse crowd. I guess you could sleep with her, although she may be a little too goody two shoes. Plus, you know of these 3 you have to bone Cheetara. Because you don’t want to marry her. Cheetara, while hot, is messed up in the head. Remember how’d she was psychic and anytime she’s try to get a vision she’d spin around in circles and then faint? Try explaining that to your boss and his wife over dinner. Orco could be a nice companion in one’s latter years. Would it be gay? Was Orco a dude?

Conclusion: Marry Orco, F*ck Cheetara, Kill Jem. Is that right?

2 Responses to “Cheetara, Jem, Orco : Kill, F*ck, Marry”

  1. Fortress Guy Says:

    Jem was hot. Some outfits worked, and true, some were awful.

    I just finished my take on Jem with lots o’ pics if you are interested.

  2. Harry B. Fournier Says:

    Marry Orco?!??!?? Have you been drinking Skank’s hydraulic fluid stash AGAIN??!? Orco is an empty robe with eyeballs…nothing to him at all.
    Cheetara…Yeah, I could see doing her; so long as she wanted to be done. Cats are kinda one way about that sort of thing.
    Jem could join me and Cheetara ( provided, of course, that the sweet kitty would allow such a thing ); or Jem could be my squeeze when Cheetara isn’t in the mood ( most of the year ).
    Try: Kill Orco, f*ck Cheetara, marry Jem. Sound Good?
    Does to me!!!

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