Take 5: Insert LOST pun (things I’m hoping will be addressed tonight)


Ever notice how anything that has to do with LOST is required to be a play on words. Get LOST, LOST and Found, Land of the LOST, The LOST boys, or whatever.

My friend was like, “Oh, I love LOST. It’s like Mad Men on an island.” The basis of the claim being that they are both good shows, which, of course, is stupid. “The Lincoln Memorial is like a non animated South Park that’s real serious.”

Anyway, things I hope will be part of LOST’s finale toinght.

1) More Sun.

Man, I like Sun. I can take or leave Jin and really, her talking acting isn’t that great, but, duder, there’s something about her. When she whacked Ben with that paddle! And anyone else think that she’d be a good couple with Lapidus?

2) The death is Hurley. We know someone’s going to die and rumor is it’s Juliet or Sayid, but personally, I’d prefer Jack Jack Jack Hurley. He’s annoying. Miles if funnier. I know I should support actors who are not sterotypically attractive, but this dude is annoying. Plus I like Sayid and Juliet.

3) Rose and Bernard.

Anything. Specifically Rose. When I was younger, my sister accused me of being a reverse racist because I would purposefully really like the minority characters. Tootie was her ace in the hole. But, Rose is the t*ts! How can you not be rooting to see her.

4) What’s up with Locke? I guess dying will do that to you, but dude has been acting weird, right? Damn Gina. Is he Jacob? What’s up Lost?

5) I want Desmond back on that Island!

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